10th International Conference on Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics

The Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics of the University of Patras and the the Hellenic Meteorological Society have the pleasure to invite you to the 10th International Conference on Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics (10th COMECAP). The Conference will take place at the University of Patras Conference Centre (http://www.confer.upatras.gr/prog2010/05.html), located in the University of Patras Campus, Patras, Greece from May 25th to May 28th 2010. The Conference addresses topics of interest for researchers, professionals and students interested in the topics of Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics but also in other topics directly linked to the above, like Atmospheric Pollution and Hydrology. It aims to present results and methodologies of the cutting-edge related to the topics of it's thematology and, at the same time, to be a forum for fruitful discussions and debates on topics, more vital for the humanity than ever. The Organizing Committee

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  • Agricultural Meteorology & Climatology
  • Air Pollution
  • Applied Meteorology & Climatology
  • Applications of Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics in Energy Issues
  • Atmospheric Physics
  • Bioclimatology and Biometeorology
  • Boundary Layer Meteorology
  • Climatology & Climate Change
  • Dynamic and Synoptic Meteorology
  • Extreme Weather Events
  • Hydrology & Hydrometeorology
  • Meteorology
  • Remote Sensing
  • Satellite Meteorology - Climatology
  • Urban microclimate
  • Weather Modification

For any information regarding the Conference, please send an e-mail to:
comecap10@physics.upatras.gr Also, you can contact the Organizing Committee Secretary,
Assist. Prof. Athanassios Argiriou by phone (+30 2610996078), or mail: Athanassios A. Argiriou
(10th COMECAP)
Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics
Physics Department
University of Patras
GR-265 00 Patras
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